Lori Wolfe

 Indiana State Recording Secretary: Gibson County and Southern Counties


  • Remote Witnessing
  • In the Flesh Witnessing
  • Self-Governing Witnessing

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Business Hours:

Monday through Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST

Current Document Fees

The Indiana Assembly


  • Recording Fee: $20
  • Publishing Fee: $25
  1. 1779, and
  2. 2 Witness Testimonies, and
  3. B.C., and
  4. Cancel Voter Registration, and
  5. Cancel IRS-DC, and
  6. Cancel IRS-NY, and
  7. Military-if applicable, and
  8. Declaration of Political Status, and
  • Fee Schedule
  • Common Carry Declaration


  • Recording Fee: $30
  • Publishing Fee: $25

1. Deed of ReConveyance
2. Certificate of Assumed Names
3. Act of Expatriation x3
4. Cancel of Prior POAs
5. Mandatory Notice
6. Paramount DNA Claim
• Declaration of Political Status
• Fee Schedule
• Common Carry Declaration



  1. Recording Fee: $10
  2. Publishing Fee: No Charge

• Baby Deed
• Marriage Record
• Land Patent
• Private Property
• Attestation
• Criminal Complaint

NOTE: No Recording Fees if already Witnessed by a Notary Public. No Publishing Fees if recorded via a COUNTY RECORDER’S OFFICE, or the LRS.

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Prepared Documents

Documents are professionally prepared. Please allow for 1 week to 1 month for completion. Click here to fill out the intake form and get started today!


Your documents will be formatted as E-Documents. Hard copies can be provided and sent USPS for those who do not have access to computers or do not use email. 

Mobile Recording Service

If you're changing your political status in New Mexico and you are located in the Southwest area, we will be available to record your documents after November 2020.