Isabelle Menozzi

Member of the Connecticut Assembly and serving as one of the State Co-Coordinators and State Recording Secretary

Isabelle is at the ready to assist you with course-correcting documentation and consultation to guide you through the following process of changing your political status. Offering professional and detail oriented service.

  • Declaration of Political Status
  • Getting Clear on Your Record Keeping Practices
  • Severing Contracts-Political Bands Lawfully

 Her work experience includes:

  • Co-Leader of various advocacy groups for Health Freedom and non-toxic communities groups
  • Parental and Religious rights advocate
  • Hotel and Restaurant Service and Management
  • Project and general manager for Music Venue and restaurant
  • Certified Health Coach & Plant Based Chef

Fees: Donations are gratefully accepted by the recorder for their time. Recording fees are waived if your documents are already notarized or if you are in need of financial assistance.

 Minimum Donation Suggestion

$25.00 – Recording Fee – via Zoom meeting or in-person (for any bundle of documents)

$25.00 – Publishing Fee – 100% of funds support the Connecticut Assembly

$20.00- Traveling Fee

$50.00- Document Preparation- See description below.

Subsequent Recording Fees – $25.00 Zoom Meeting or in-person (for any bundle of documents)

 To keep your costs down please try to have all your documents ready at the initial meeting to avoid these additional recording fees.

For example: Common Carry, baby deeds, paperwork you forgot to include in the initial appointment or documents you would like to add to your record at a later date.

 What does the Connecticut Assembly purchase with these funds?  Currently, basic office expenses such as postage, copier ink/toner, paper, flash drives, Zoom license.

 Document Preparation package includes:

Large Envelopes, Registered Mail and Return Receipt addressed to proper agencies

Witness Testimony

1779 Document

Deed of Re-conveyance- US

Deed of Conveyance-NON US

Act of Expatriation-FIRST LAST

Act of Expatriation-FIRST M. LAST

Act of Expatriation- FIRST MIDDLE LAST

Cancel Power of Attorney

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act-Mandatory Notice

Certificate of Assumed Name

DNA Paramount Claim

Marriage Paperwork

Voter Revocation Letter

Revocation of Election to Pay Income Tax- New York

Revocation of Election to Pay Income Tax-WaDC

Cover Letter- Declaration of Status- Secretary of State Blinken

Declaration of Political Status- Secretary of State Blinken

Baby Deed and Cover Letter

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Prepared Documents

Documents are professionally prepared. Please allow for 1 week to 1 month for completion. Click here to fill out the intake form and get started today!


Your documents will be formatted as E-Documents. Hard copies can be provided and sent USPS for those who do not have access to computers or do not use email. 

Mobile Recording Service

If you're changing your political status in New Mexico and you are located in the Southwest area, we will be available to record your documents after November 2020.