Kristine Michelle Bundy

State Coordinator & State Recording Secretary: Indiana

Kristine is a member of the Indiana Assembly and is the State Coordinator and the State Recording Secretary.

1 if by Land; 2 if by Sea.”

Paul Revere’s midnight ride in 1776 to the Old North Church was to light 2 lanterns.

The defacto lives in the Sea of Commerce – chaotic democracy – is emotions (water) that infiltrated into our country and bound us all into fraudulent contracts to usurp our God given un-a-lienable rights!

This is a Rescue Mission to bring all Mankind back on the Land and restore the dejur Republic…ASAP!

Forming your thoughts of your knowledge of who you are is put on paper and then Declare your status by putting “on the Record” by Publishing your Political Status for all the world to See.

United We Stand, divided we fall.

I am here to Stand and Serve to bring all Mankind-Man, Woman, and Child back on to solid ground and into the Light of Loving-Life!

Are you tired of being Lost at Sea with no paddle? I am here with a hand to pull you up onto the Land, so that, together, We can help others Stand Up. There are many that need You too, so let’s get your paperwork on the Record Today!

Kristine earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland City University at Bedford, Indiana.

She continued to earn three (3) Master of Science degrees from Capital College; Information & Telecommunications Systems Management, Network Security, and MBA.

Kristine has greater than thirty (30+) years of record keeping, finance, and tax management in both the Public and Private sectors.

Her family lineage goes back more than one hundred years on Indiana and Florida with record keepers, book keepers, tax and finance managers.

Moreover, Kristine has had personal experience with and consulted others in the administration of various service-focused businesses.

Kristine is at the Ready to assist you with Course-Correcting documentation and Consultation to guide you through the following Patches of rough Seas:

  • Declaration of Political Status
  • Bringing Your Business back onto the Land
  • Getting Clear on Your Record Keeping Practices
  • Severing Contracts-Political Bands Lawfully

Business Hours:

Monday through Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST

Current Document Fees

The Indiana Assembly


  • Recording Fee: $20
  • Publishing Fee: $25
  1. 1779, and
  2. 2 Witness Testimonies, and
  3. B.C., and
  4. Cancel Voter Registration, and
  5. Cancel IRS-DC, and
  6. Cancel IRS-NY, and
  7. Military-if applicable, and
  8. Declaration of Political Status, and
  • Fee Schedule
  • Common Carry Declaration


  • Recording Fee: $30
  • Publishing Fee: $25

1. Deed of ReConveyance
2. Certificate of Assumed Names
3. Act of Expatriation x3
4. Cancel of Prior POAs
5. Mandatory Notice
6. Paramount DNA Claim
• Declaration of Political Status
• Fee Schedule
• Common Carry Declaration



  1. Recording Fee: $10
  2. Publishing Fee: No Charge

• Baby Deed
• Marriage Record
• Land Patent
• Private Property
• Attestation
• Criminal Complaint

NOTE: No Recording Fees if already Witnessed by a Notary Public. No Publishing Fees if recorded via a COUNTY RECORDER’S OFFICE, or the LRS.

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